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“David is not your typical attorney. When I chose him to represent me it was from the recommendation of another well-known attorney that I highly respected. Not only did I get the recommendation from him, but also from my accountant and several other professional people in the community that seemed to all have the same opinion of him. I was sold. I was a bit weary at first as I am a woman and my company supports, uplifts and teaches other women. Would he understand? My adversary in this case was a powerful businessman. I was very distrustful at this point of men in general. But I went forward after meeting him and seeing his warmth. I was also so grateful to find out that he is a family man and a man of great faith.

David is as aggressive as they come. He will fight till the end for the client he believes in and he surely did this for me and my company. He is a man of integrity and never asked me to go beyond what I thought was the honest and right thing to do. Even when I fought his advice, he patiently waited for me to understand his thinking. He is extremely intelligent, experienced and competent.

David is also very compassionate. In my case, I was going through a divorce at the time of my business lawsuit and he shielded me from negativity that didn’t concern me. He checked in on me regularly just to see how my kids and I were doing and offered a listening ear when necessary.

He worked with me in every way from my ignorance of the legal system, to his willingness to work with me to make the cost of litigation more manageable. In the process of my legal battle, he was my advocate, my advisor, and eventually I can also say he became my good friend.

I must also say something about his wonderful Paralegal, Cathy, who was always available and if I needed to talk to David she would chase him down no matter where he was. She was also wonderfully kind and concerned, and although I know David has many clients, the two of them made me feel like I was the only one. This was even more apparent as we walked into the court and he was respectfully and gratefully acknowledged by other clients of his.

In court, during our trial, he was incredibly well prepared and professional. He remembered every detail I ever shared with him and re-iterated it to the judge without reminder. He commanded the courtroom with confidence and ease. I could see that his reputation preceded him as he commanded respect in that room without having to do a thing. He put me at ease as this was my first legal situation and was a phenomenally calming influence during the whole process.

Needless to say, the case turned out extremely well for me, and I am so very grateful to have had him as my counsel.”

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