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Dr. James Arnold

For the better part of three years, I was embroiled in a very stressful business situation that was draining me of energy and happiness on a daily basis.  Despite the fact that the rest of my family, business, and personal life were all going well, this business dispute was controlling my every thought for a long time.  When a third party was introduced into the mix, I was overwhelmed and felt hopeless.


Fortunately, I was introduced to David Fish and was told that he was a kind, honest man, excellent attorney, and someone who would fight for my best interests while keeping me insulated from the day to day stress associated with my complex situation.  Wow!  My friend was correct, and David exceeded ALL of my expectations.


What had been an awful situation became manageable with David’s help almost overnight.  He provided me with an extra layer of “insulation” from the demands of a difficult and contentious business relationship, while also helping me to settle an unfortunate lawsuit that was a byproduct of the initial business dispute.  What had seemed like an absolutely hopeless situation became a compartmentalized process handled almost exclusively by Mr. Fish.


When he realized the toll that this process was having on me from day to day, David recommended that he simply give me weekly updates so that my quality of life wouldn’t suffer so much.  This allowed me to function effectively with my other businesses, family, and personal life.  He helped me to be patient and focused, and he kept me from becoming consumed by the process.


After helping me to negotiate and ultimately sell the disputed business for a very good price, he offered great advice and guidance in settling the other situation in a manner that was fair to both parties.  Within months, David Fish gave me my life back, and for that I am eternally grateful.


In addition to his exceptional abilities in the legal field, he truly is one of the nicest people I know.  He pays attention to the details, takes all of your concerns to heart, spends time considering your situation even when he’s not “on the clock”, aggressively represents your best interests, is very accessible, and he charges a fair hourly rate.


I’ve worked with a lot of attorneys over the years, but I’ve never worked with anyone as competent, honest, and hard-working as David Fish.  Although I hope to avoid future litigation, if I EVER needed a great business attorney again, David Fish would be my first choice.  I can’t possibly recommend him highly enough to anyone who needs help.

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