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Co-Employer Doctrine Being Tested In Franchisor Context

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has issued complaints against McDonald’s franchisees and their franchisor, McDonald’s USA, LLC, as joint employers.  The complaints allege that McDonald’s USA, LLC and certain franchisees violated the rights of employees working at McDonald’s restaurants …

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Tax Component Award Allowed In Wrongful Termination Lawsuit

The Seventh Circuit recently held that a court may award a tax component award as part of damages recoverable in an employment discrimination case under Title VII’s remedial scheme. EEOC v. Northern Star involved a wrongful termination case where an …

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Cook County Wage Theft Law

Cook County has approved an ordinance to stop employers from committing wage theft.  According to the Chicago Tribune:  “Businesses that have broken state or federal wage and labor laws would be disqualified from receiving property tax abatements, business licenses or …

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Illinois Employee Pregnancy Discrimination Law Passed

Illinois passed a law (PA 98-1050) requiring that employers of any size make reasonable accommodations arising out of pregnancy.   The law relates to accommodations while the employee is pregnant, recovering from childbirth, and if the employee is having common medical …

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Unpaid Wages, Bonuses and Commissions–Illinois Court Decision

Unpaid wages, bonuses, and commissions are common problems at the end of an employment relationship. Employees frequently retain lawyers to sue for unpaid compensation in the form of bonuses, wages, commissions, overtime or under employment contracts. A recent Illinois case …

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