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KKC Overtime Class Action Settlement

Overtime Lawsuit–Managers Classified As Exempt On May 19, 2016, the Federal court in Chicago granted preliminary approval of a class action settlement concerning overtime pay of management employees. We are posting the overtime settlement paperwork here so that the class …

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Presentation to the workNet DuPage Career Center–Job Club

workNet DuPage Career Center–Job Club “Employment Law and You” David Fish—The Fish Law Firm, P.C. October 13, 2017 Overview of Employment Law in Illinois Employment “At-Will” Rule (Can my boss fire me for that?) Illinois is an at-will state and, …

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Citizens Taxi Overtime Lawsuit

This page is to provide an update on the lawsuit against Citizens Taxi.   On August 22, 2017, the Court granted our request for conditional certification to send out notice to other workers.   The Court also denied the request …

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Fingerprint and Handprint Scans To Clock In At Work: Illinois Has A Tough Biometric Privacy Law

Do you know what happens to your fingerprint scan information after you leave your job? Many jobs require workers to scan their fingerprint or handprint to clock in and out.    Illinois law requires that before this happen, employers do …

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Crazy Law: Truck Drivers, Mechanics, and Loaders Employed By Motor Carriers Are Limited With Overtime Rights

Many employees are entitled to overtime when they work over 40 hours in a week.   There are different rules for certain employees in the transportation industry.  When Congress passed the overtime law (the Fair Labor Standards Act) it limited it …

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