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Crazy Law: Truck Drivers, Mechanics, and Loaders Employed By Motor Carriers Are Limited With Overtime Rights

Many employees are entitled to overtime when they work over 40 hours in a week.   There are different rules for certain employees in the transportation industry.  When Congress passed the overtime law (the Fair Labor Standards Act) it limited it …

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Electronic Discovery In the Federal Courts — Labor and Employment Law

Discovery In Federal Employment Lawsuits Labor and Employment Lawyer Fish’s presentation to the Illinois Bar about electronic discovery is available here for download: Electronic discovery materials for ISBA

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Non-Compete Agreement Dispute: Solicitations Via LinkedIn Not Enough

In our experience, LinkedIn is the worst enemy of employees navigating the dangers of working at a new employer.   We have seen many situations where a new employee posts his or her new job and LinkedIn publicizes this to the …

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Employees Paid Incentive Pay, Shift Differentials, Regular Bonuses and Commissions Often Have Overtime Pay Violations

Many employers utilize incentive pay wherein an employee is paid an extra amount of money on top of his or her normal hourly rate.  Sometimes this comes in the form of incentive pay (i.e., if an employee performs at a certain level, …

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Jean Baumann, Employment and Litigation Paralegal

Jean is an experienced legal assistant/paralegal with 30 years’ experience in the legal field. She has experience assisting attorneys and clients many different areas of the law.  Jean has BA in Criminal Justice.   She helps support our employment lawyers and …

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