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  • In the Northern District of Illinois, helped obtain a $2.35 million jury verdict in a commercial bribery/trade defamation case brought on behalf of a manufacturing company. The lawsuit was filed after our client discovered that one of its main competitors was “dumpster diving” to obtain valuable customer and sales information from the dumpster behind its corporate headquarters. The jury assessed $635,000 in punitive damages.
  • In 2019 and 2020, defended healthcare company in a $2.8 million breach of contract and piercing the corporate veil claim.  The plaintiff rejected our client’s $1.5 million settlement offer and the jury found in our client’s favor and awarded $0.   Jury also rejected third party claims.  (DuPage County, Judge Rohm)
  • Defended international company in litigation seeking $50 million in damages for breach of fiduciary duty, bad faith, breach of contract, and alleging franchise law violations.
  • Prevailed on all claims at trial in defending an employer in complaint filed by National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). The NLRB alleged that our client had retaliated against an employee for engaging in protected and concerted activities. At trial, the administrative law judge recommended a finding in favor of our client on each and every claim. The NLRB General Counsel appealed the judge’s decision by filing exceptions. On appeal, our client prevailed.  Ruling is here.
  • Tried to verdict a case where the plaintiff alleged that our client (a fitness company and its owner) had induced him to invest substantial sums of money into a business in exchange for the repayment of loans, ownership in a business, and other benefits. The Plaintiff had begun taking steps towards franchising the business and allegedly believed millions would be made. After that failed to occur, the plaintiff alleged piercing the corporate veil, breach of fiduciary duty, and sought a constructive trust over a new company that our client had formed. We were able to obtain the dismissal of our individual client before trial. The plaintiff proceeded to trial against the new company that our client had formed. At trial, we prevailed in demonstrating that there was no liability against the new company that had been formed. (Will County, Joliet, Illinois, Judge Petrungaro)
  • Tried to successful verdict in the Circuit Court of Cook County in a partnership dispute over a real estate company. Our client had provided a substantial sum of money towards what she thought would make her 50/50 partners in an Illinois LLC. No written agreements were executed and the defendants took the position that the money was an investment that could be kept. The trial court dismissed our oral breach of contract claim in pre-trial proceedings so went to trial on an unjust enrichment theory. At trial, the judge ruled in our client’s favor, the defendants withdrew their appeal before the Illinois Appellate Court, and our client received 100% of the judgment that was awarded.
  • Shareholder of Chicago-based trading company received $17 million buyout after we helped initiate litigation in response to him being forced out of the company he founded and where we sought injunctive relief in Circuit Cook of County, Illinois.
  • Over $10 million in class action settlements for claims brought under the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act.
  • Represented limited partner in a $20 million dispute over inheritance that led to a successful resolution. (DuPage County, Illinois)
  • Successfully defended a Cook County general contractor and its president who were sued for fraud and breach of contract in the Circuit Court of Cook County. The case proceeded to trial. At the close of the plaintiff’s case, we obtained a directed finding in favor of one of our clients and the case was resolved very favorably as to our other client. (Cook County, Illinois)
  • Defended medical practice and its physician owner against a psychologist claiming nearly $1 million in damages, interest and fees pursuant to an “Employment Agreement” and under the Illinois Wage Payment and Collection Act.  Ruling in our favor.  (Federal Court, Chicago, Illinois)  Click here for ruling.
  • Litigated many businesses and individuals in shareholder/corporate/ and LLC disputes.
  • Defended international franchisor against claims by a former employee/consultant before the American Arbitration Association who alleged he was owned commissions for procuring sales.   Case went to final decision and claimant obtained less that what he was offered in pre-filing negotiations.
  • We were retained to enforce the provisions in a will and trust in a dispute between siblings. For years, our client’s brother had unilaterally used and benefited from valuable real estate and refused to distribute hundreds of thousands of dollars to our client. We filed suit in the Circuit Court of DuPage County, Illinois and filed an emergency motion to have our client’s brother removed as the trustee. Shortly thereafter, the case was resolved favorably for our client. (Judge Wheaton, DuPage County, Illinois)
  • Defended dental practice against claims by independent contractor dentist who alleged claims for breach of contract and fraud arising out of work for a dental practice. (DuPage County, Illinois)  We have also been engaged in several matters involving employment disputes in the medical field, including relating to non-compete disputes.



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