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  • $400,000 in judgments (through offers of judgment) in an employment discrimination case brought on behalf of an employee who was allegedly fired on the basis of a disability and on behalf of a human resources employee who allegedly opposed the termination. We asserted that the defendant had improperly failed to preserve evidence and we were successful in having the court agree to issue an adverse inference jury instruction for use at trial, the ruling of which is available here. Click here for ruling. (Chicago, Illinois)
  • $450,000 sexual harassment settlement for nurse worked at medical practice and where physician claimed relationship was consensual.
  • Represented a 10 year + employee of a company who who went to visit his sick mother and then was fired when he returned.   After we claimed violations of the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), the company offered our client full reinstatement.  The company ultimately agreed to pay what was in excess of 1 year of compensation to our client.
  • $340,000 recovered in a hearing before the American Arbitration Association. After a multi-day hearing, our African-American client prevailed on her retaliation claim on grounds that she was fired for reporting manager to human resources after she used the “n-word”.
  • Successfully represented former employee of association in wrongful termination claim of national original and race discrimination.  Company asserted termination was based upon poor performance.   Summary judgment was denied and a settlement was reached shortly before trial.  (Chicago, Illinois)
  • Represented physician in Qui Tam/Whistleblower/False Claims Act case alleging that the medical practice where she worked was unlawfully billing Medicare for tests.   Case resulted in a substantial settlement for our client.
  • Represented engineer of company regulated by the nuclear regulatory commission (NRC).  After he made safety-related complaints to the NRC about whether the company was complying with the ASME Code related to safety, he was terminated.   We asserted claims for common law discharge and violations of the Whistleblower Act.  (Chicago, Illinois)
  • Defended manufacturing company in an age and disability discrimination lawsuit brought by a former employee claiming he was wrongfully fired as a result of his age and disability in violation of the Illinois Human Rights Act.    Following the filing of our motion for summary judgment, the employee agreed to voluntarily dismiss his lawsuit without any payment.  (Kane County, Illinois)
  • Represented high-ranking employee at a company that instituted a plan to terminate older employees because of their perceived lack of energy.   After our client (who was not one of the older workers) opposed and protested the age-based decisions, he was fired and we filed a claim of retaliation for opposing age discrimination in violation of the ADEA.  Case successfully resolved after litigation filed. (Chicago, Illinois)
  • Represented worker who alleged she was sexually assaulted at a workplace event and fired in retaliation for reporting it to her local police department. Claims were asserted under the Illinois Whistleblower Act and also for wage claims. Obtained substantial agreed judgment.  (Chicago, Illinois)
  • Represented auditing firm in litigation in suing former vice president and board member after he had been accused of sexual harassment and had his employment terminated; allegations included breach of fiduciary duties and counterclaims for compensation under various contracts. (DuPage County, Illinois)
  • Defended a university professor against allegations of harassment and sex discrimination by his former students. The plaintiffs alleged that the professor violated Title IX, committed assault and battery, and inflicted negligent and intentional emotional distress upon them based upon conduct that occurred while they were students at a private university. Within less than 1 year of the lawsuit being filed, we convinced the plaintiffs to voluntarily dismiss their claims against our client–with prejudice (i.e., they cannot file another case on the same claims against our client) — and without being paid any money whatsoever. (Chicago, Illinois) We have represented several woman who have been sexually harassed, or had inappropriate sexual behavior from their superiors at work.
  • $187,500 settlement for worker who alleged he was terminated for protesting unfair working conditions and safety hazards.
  • Represented nurse who was sexually assaulted by a physician; claims asserted under Gender Violence Act and for Sexual Harassment.  Substantial confidential settlement reached in litigation.
  • $375,000 settlement where our client alleged she was subjected to improper sexual contact.
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